I'm both proud and privileged to be a Wazinator Sponsored Artist! Having tried other stomp boxes I now exclusively use a Wazinator classic stomp as part of my live show for a number of reasons:

  1. Tone: The Wazinator Classic produces a fatter, low end tone than any stomp box I've used and that's without EQ!
  2. Ergonomics: Being very thin there is less of a difference in leg height which makes huge difference in comfort over a 30 minute or longer set.
  3. Practicality: I've used a cajon with a foot pedal at gigs in the past, it sounded pretty good but it was a lot more to carry around and set up, by comparison the Wazinator is quicker to set up and alot less to carry around.
  4. Versatility: Fast stomp box beats can get tiring quickly, due to the large base plate the Wazinator Classic allows me to use my heel, ball of my foot or entire foot without having to re-position myself.
Wazinator Classic available from www.wazinator.com

Wazinator Classic available from www.wazinator.com